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Christmas present shopping can be so overwhelming so we’ve starting doing “need, read, want and wear” for our children for their main presents. It makes shopping super simple and we can find really meaningful gifts that fit the categories easily!

My first dilemma is always where to start? Do I make a list? Should I just head into the shop and hope inspiration hits me? What budget should I set? I’ve got two daughters so should I keep their gifts the same or just similar? And what about my son as he wants everything the same as his sisters! Hopefully the below ideas will help you with your shopping!

We’ve also got Laybuy if you need to spread the payments.


This ones got to be one of the hardest ones for me. My kids have everything they need and more than they need often! So what about something that I need them to have?

My first idea has to be a named drinking glass for summer so I’m not constantly doing dishes! I’m not sure what it is about getting a new cup/glass for each sip but it drives me nuts. Our name label sets could solve this problem with the spare names being put aside for labelling back to school items next year. Since our name labels are easy to apply, we suggest purchasing glasses and applying yourself.

Something else to help with organisation is our drawer labels. They might help motivate the kids to put their washing away where they can find it. 

A sun hat has to be on the NEED list at this time of year. The sun is HOT and sunburn is already a possibility. Check out our personalised sunhats here – they’re great stocking stuffers too!


Books are my favourite thing to purchase! All three of my kids have a love of books and some of our favourites can be found at Veritas Aotearoa Publishing. Check them out for fun, colourful pictures with engaging stories for all ages featuring both New Zealand sign language and Te Reo.


What are your child’s interests? This is where I find something special for each child – something to ignite imagination and spark creativity and passion. For my oldest daughter, this would definitely be horses. We’ve just added a couple of custom horse designs to our website (with the hope of funding some more riding lessons for our daughters). Heres one of them:

If you can’t find anything suitable on our website, check out our custom products section. This section allows designing your own mug, tee, cushion cover or pillow case including uploading designs or photos, text and more before checking out. After check out, the file is sent to us for printing exactly as you’ve designed it.


Make it a whole family present with a matching set – check out our new Camping and Cousin Crew set. Or our NEW “Incredible Thing” mummy and mini set could be your favourite.


Now for stocking stuffers…. I love putting a few treats like chocolates, candy canes and even yoghurt raisins in here. We open these as soon as the kids get up so its good to have some snacks for the day plus something quiet or fun they can do while the adults are a bit lazy.

Our lunchbox labels are great if you need to upgrade a lunchbox you already have or a lunchbox is a perfect NEED present too


Our socks and mens shirts are popular presents year round! See our blog here for a run down of our favourite products for men including our not-quite-plain socks.

Shopping for yourself? Our stainless steel pegs or a magnetic whiteboard planner could be an amazingly practical gift to help your household run smoothly this coming year. Then treat yourself to a tee or hoodie from our range because you deserve it – why should the kids get all the good stuff?

Grandma or nana might like a “We hugged this pillow tight” design or use our custom product feature to cover a cushion cover with family photos – small, lightweight and perfect for small resthome rooms.

Or for the caravaners, another popular gift is our Caravan mugs. The caravan mugs will never be forgotten again with this dedicated pair. We can custom print this set with names to suit your family.

Can’t be bothered wrapping all the presents? Then you’ll need a Santa sack:

Left it to the last minute? Then check out our range of ready to send gifts here.

Wherever you do your Christmas shopping, we hope that you’ll support New Zealand businesses whether they are big or small because ALL of them provide jobs for Kiwis and thats a win in our book!

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