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  • Hooked on Being Grandpa Fishing tee


    Keen fisherman in the family? How “hooked on being grandad” is he? Our tees are made to order so YES we can customise. Birthday or Christmas present sorted! Easy!

    Choose your tee size (chart below) and colour plus print colour from the options below.

  • I Created a Monster tee (mens)


    Are you creating a monster? We definitely did!! Our kids are mostly pretty good but when they decide to act up…

    Matching kids tees available.

    Choose your size (see size chart below), colour and print colour.

  • I’m Called Popa Because I’m Too Cool for Grandad


    Is it Poppa or Koro not Grandad? This could be the perfect present – I’m called *Popa* because I’m too cool to be called Grandad. We custom print to order so YES we can change *Popa* to Koro or Poppa.

    Simply choose the tee size (chart below), tee colour and print colour from the options.

  • If grandad can’t fix it personalised tee


    Grandad, Poppas and Dads are known for being able to fix anything! If they can’t fix it, we’ll its just not able to be fixed!

    Treat Grandad with a cool tee for Fathers Day and have him beaming from ear to ear! Use the drop downs to choose size and colour plus design colours.

    Design colour one: top and bottom lines

    The colours for the centre text and tools (currently white) are limited to make printing easier for us – please choose from black, white, gold, silver or the same colour for the whole print

    Yes the whole print can be one colour. Use the buttons to choose what text you’d like for the tee.

  • If you can read this socks


    Do you need some custom printed socks? They’re a great present as they’re not “just socks”. These will be custom printed to order to say whatever you’d like!

    First complete the sentence then select the type of socks you’d like – one size fits most size summary is below.

  • Kids size Monster tee


    Our kids are a reflection of us and often they are not perfect. Poke fun at them (and yourself) by getting this tee set.

    Can be purchased individually or make it a set with a matching men’s tee.

    Choose your tee size (see size chart below), colour and print colour from the below options.

  • Me Shirt for Him


    Do you have a Child who is your Mini?

    Our Mini and Me set is perfect for being matchy matchy. This design is available in mens, ladies and children’s sizes. This one is the men’s listing so please see below for the link to the ladies and childrens listings.

    Choose your tee or hoodie size (chart below), colour and print colour below.

  • Mini Me for children


    Matching kids tee for our Me and Mini Me set. Some kids look EXACTLY like mini versions of their parents. Celebrate the likeness (or differences) with this cute matching mum (or daddy) and me set.

    Use the tee colours and sizes (see size chart below) plus choose a print colour. Maybe a sparkly glitter print will make it even more eye catching!

  • Periodic Table for Her


    Chocolate cookies is definitely my scientific answer!

    But you can choose wine, chocolate, coffee, cookies, beer or nachoes! Or maybe chocolate and then wine!

    Since this item is custom printed to order, please select your print colours from the drop down boxes below…
    Colour 1 – Currently Black

  • Periodic Table for Him


    Science definitely always has the answer.

    Now whether that answer is wine, chocolate, coffee, cookies, beer, bacon or nachoes is up to you! You could even choose a combination like chocolate cookies or coffee then wine!

    Since this item is custom printed to order, please select your print colours from the drop down boxes below…
    Colour 1 – Currently Black

  • Racetrack Tee


    Our racetrack back tee is awesome to keep the kids entertained and as a mini massage!

    Keep the kids occupied for 5 minutes and give mum a break while lying on the floor. Win win win! Note this tee is ALWAYS printed on the back.

    Choose from a tshirt or a hoodie (size chart below), select colour and print colour and we’ll have an epic tee on its way to you soon!

  • Resting eyes socks


    Is Grandpa always “resting his eyes” in the afternoons? Does Koro like to put his feet up? Have a little fun with these custom printed socks! They are printed on the sole using heat transfer vinyl.

    First let us know if you’d like them to say Grandad, Koro, Poppa or Grandpa in the “Text Wanted” box then select the type of socks you’d like – size summary is below.

  • Size 2XL hero singlet


    Ready to Send! ONE only.
    This 2XL black singlet with yellow digital print is ready to send. Tell dad how you really feel this Fathers Day with this singlet that says “Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a hero”.


    This item will be sent within 3 working days of purchase in a compostable courier bag – please remove all labels and adhesive before composting.

  • The Most Important People Call Me…..


    Sometimes we just need a little reminder about what is most important!

    Remind the ones you love that the most important people are the ones who call us daddy or grandad or poppa. Life is short and they grow too fast to miss a moment.

    Choose a tee or a hoodie, select your size (chart below) then colour and your print colour. Enter your custom text. Easy!

  • This Awesome Dad


    We all know it takes more than biology to be a dad! Here’s a tee for any dad who is “awesome” with his kids. The best bit is the kids will LOVE pointing out that their name is on there – it certainly gives a sense of belonging.

    Since we custom print to order, YES we can personalise! Use the size chart below to choose a tee or hoodie, choose your item colour, enter the large text plus colour, then select black OR white for the small text and enter the names. Please double check the name spelling before placing the order.

  • Unique “Dad” photo blocks


    Want a unique and thoughtful gift for Christmas this year? This wooden photo block could be the perfect gift! Simply upload your chosen photo below and we’ll work some magic and print it onto a photo block!

    The photo block is 15cm wide and 18cm tall (including the letters DAD which are 3cm wide). The board is .5cm thick and a personalised message could be handwritten on the wooden back. The photo will be applied using sublimation techniques – its permanent so makes a great keepsake for years to come!

    For the best quality print, please upload a high resolution image of atleast 300dpi. Note: If we don’t think the supplied photo will print nicely, we will request a different photo because we want you to receive the best quality product! We’re more than happy to provide a mock up before printing, please email