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  • Custom Toy Storage Decals


    Toys. In my house they’re constantly across the floor! Maybe the kids will put them away (in an organised way) IF you had these decals.

    Each decal is 10cm wide with a maximum of 10cm high making these high quality vinyl decals perfect for most storage boxes (plastic or smooth wood). We make to order so can do largers or smaller decals on request – the words and the image CAN be applied separately.

    Please note $1 is the standard charge as the product has to have a price. Individual labels are $5 each OR grab the full set for $25.

    Still don’t see what you want? Send us a message as we do take custom orders!

  • Height chart decals


    Do you have a height wall or chart in your house? Use these decals to record heights on the wall or chart in a clear and easy to read way. Why not choose a different decal colour for each child?

    Decals are approx 3cm across – business card for size comparison. The arrow is the height marker.


    Option for extras for mum, dad and the dog have now been added. Please note these will be made in the same colour as the set they are ordered with.