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  • Lunchbox labels - name plus design/shape

    Lunchbox Labels


    Our lunchbox labels are highly popular! They are fast and easy to apply while being bold, inviting and fun. Preschool children recognise their lunchbox by the picture on it and as they grow older, the name can play an important role in letter recognition. The kai table is an important place for connection and conversation that doesn’t often take place in other areas of play.

    Choose the font, colour, and picture then enter the child’s name in the boxes below.  Let them select their favourite design to make it really personal – you’ll often be surprised by their choice!

    Please double-check the name spelling as we can not take responsibility for mistakes.

    Note there is now a maximum length of 15 characters for the name.  This ensures the characters aren’t distorted and keeps them easy to read.  Our lunchbox labels are made from premium quality vinyl – below for full application instructions.