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    Aroha set (all 3 books)


    The Aroha’s Way series is an amazing way to teach kids how to connect with their feelings. Grab all three books as a set and SAVE! Its the perfect present for a daycare to say thanks OR for an end of year teacher present (especially if you have three kids).

    Set as pictured:

    1x Aroha’s Way

    1x Aroha Knows

    1x Let it Go

  • Aroha’s Way


    Aroha’s Way is a picture book created to guide children through emotions. It has a teachers guide in the back and includes simple yet effective tools that everyone can use to battle nervousness, fear and worry.

    A soft cover picture book with a very natural feel.


    Written by Craig Phillips

  • Big Emotions for Little People Boardbook


    Big Emotions for Little People is the perfect size for little hands. It covers a range of different emotions for your little one to start learning to recognise their feelings plus one technique for managing big feelings. This board book is a great tool for every home!

    By the same author and illustrator of the popular Aroha’s Way story this board book featuring 11 different emotions (with corresponding images) including frustrated, shy, confused, curious, angry and scared. A picture really does say 1000 words and these images are no different! They are bold, fun and inclusive and an accurate portrayal of each emotion.

    Size: approx 17cm x 17cm

    Author: Rebekah Lipp

    Illustrator: Craig Phillips


  • Let It Flow – Healthy Ways to Release Emotions

    Let It Flow – Healthy Ways To Release Emotions is the follow on book from How Do I Feel that we have been waiting for. It follows on from the Aroha’s Way series explaining that emotions are feelings that come for a while. Use the How Do I Feel book to identify the emotion and then use one of the 25 healthy ways to release emotions in this book – one on each page plus a parents/teachers section at the end.
    If you’re familiar with Rebekah’s work, you’ll know her heart for helping kids (and adults). This book is incredible! Its another one we wished we had when we were growing up. Craig Phillips illustrations perfectly match (same illustrator as Aroha and How Do I Feel.
    EVERY classroom, youth group and whanau organisation in the country need this resource. It will be life changing for your young people.
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