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  • How Do I Feel Arohas Way colourful front cover

    “How Do I Feel” hardcover book


    NEW to our range and just stocked in NZ, we’ve got our hands on a VERY limited number of books!!!

    From the same author and illustrator as the Aroha series, its is a comprehensive picture dictionary with over 60 definitions, images and explanations to help children identify and understand their emotions.

    Holding this book in my hands its beautiful. The colours are as vibrant in the video, the weight is nice – not too heavy from the hard cover but its not super light either. The pages also have a nice texture and are matte (not glossy) so really cool! Such a cool resource both for at home or an EXCELLENT gift for an ECE or school.


    Size: 28.5cm long x 22.5cm high

    Pages: 143


  • A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies (Hard Cover Book)


    This absolutely beautiful hard cover book is so perfect I want to keep it! It has a textured blue spine, wonderfully colourful illustrations and is sure to surprise and delight any age! Adults won’t get tired of reading this one! A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies is a book of collective nouns for animals including a dazzle of zebras and a herd of sea horses.

    The inside cover has space to write a child’s name – a perfect book for gifting!


  • Aroha’s Way


    Aroha’s Way is a picture book created to guide children through emotions. It has a teachers guide in the back and includes simple yet effective tools that everyone can use to battle nervousness, fear and worry.

    A soft cover picture book with a very natural feel.


    Written by Craig Phillips

  • Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt


    Kuwi is sure that her new chick Huwi is hungry. Huwi insists he wants huhu to eat.


    Another stunningly illustrated, Kiwi book by Kat Merewether.

  • Kuwi’s Kitchen (cookbook)


    Kuwi’s Kitchen is packed FULL of easy recipes and information for budding cooks. The pages are bright, colourful and easy to follow for all ages.

    And a BONUS cute cookie cutter. Check out the matching apron and spatula set.

  • Sale!

    Kuwi’s Maori Picture Dictionary

    Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $35.00.

    With 63 pages of English/Maori illustrations AND an index at the back, the book is AMAZING! It covers the planets to the weather, place names to feelings and much much more! A perfect addition to any library or for learning at home.

    Note this book is large (27cm wide and 35cm tall).