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  • Sunflowers Don’t Grow in Winter book


    Sunflowers Don’t Grow in Winter is written by Emily Holdaway it follows her son Ziggy as he plants sunflowers in summer and they grow and flower (as we’d expect). He then decides to plant more seeds in winter but we all know sunflowers don’t grow in winter. It encourages thinking outside the box and following your own dream. It is beautifully illustrated by Craig Phillips.

    This book is an amazing gift on its own to encourage reading and is suitable for both girls and boys from around age 3 (paperback). Pair with a packet of sunflower seeds and/or gardening tools for a unique and useful present.

    Title: Sunflowers Don’t Grow in Winter
    Author: Emily Holdaway

    Illustrator: Craig Phillips

    Published by Wildling Books

    Printed in Malaysia