Lucy’s Stainless Steel Pegs


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Switching to stainless steel pegs is one small but fast and easy change to make – we’ve started to replace our plastic pegs with stainless steel pegs as they break.

Our eldest daughter Lucy (7) was the inspiration behind selling these pegs. She’s got an entrepreneurial spirit (where does she get that from I wonder?). Each pack of pegs has been counted, put into hand-stamped bags and sent out with love from Lucy. As a talented and passionate girl, who is horse mad, pegs sales help fund her riding lessons!

Choose from either 20 or 50 pegs. These pegs are 61mm long and 12mm wide. Grade 304 stainless steel.

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While 304 stainless steel won’t rust, it can tarnish. It has a strong resistance to the effects of various chemicals and acids. We don’t recommend leaving them outside – dust, bird poop, cobwebs etc should be cleaned off before it causes minor surface rust.

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  1. Lana

    Facebook review
    Worth every cent! Boy did my household laugh at me when I made this purchase. So I waited. For them to lose their plastic pegs, for them to break or get chewed by pets because they’d fallen on the ground. No regrets in slowly switching out our plastic pegs with Lucy’s hehe. Love how involved the kids are. 👏

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