Welcome to Creation Station NZ!

There’s nothing we love more than family, and it shows in our work ethic and values. Based in Kawerau, Creation Station NZ is owned and operated by us, the Muni family. Justin and Angela are the faces behind the screens, with Angela focusing on the admin side of things, and Justin the messaging and production of our customised clothing and gift orders. The three little Muni’s keep us on our toes, and we’re so happy to be able to be at home and have that ever important work and family life balance. Well, we try to anyway!

Justin is originally from Florida, and uses his wicked sense of humour to bring a masculine touch to our menswear. Angela grew up in Tauranga and is the artist, painter and visionary of our team. Our eldest daughter loves horses and is learning about money by selling stainless steel pegs through our store. The middle daughter loves to write stories and is forever reading. Our son adores dressing up, motorbikes and running with his pet dinosaurs!

Why Choose Our Customised Clothing, Homewares & Gifts?

As you would have gathered, we celebrate uniqueness and family life. There’s no surprise then that much of our clothing ranges have been designed for the Mums and Dads, big (and little) brothers and sisters and those special new arrivals. But we also create branded clothing for businesses, personalised gifts for all ages and custom decals and homewares too. Combining our passions, skills and experiences, our key focus is to provide our customers with high quality products and superb customer service. Here are a few of our favourite custom products:

  • Christmas gifts – who can forget Elf on a Shelf?! We can’t and that’s why we’ve got his special Santa Elf Bag and Mail Bag. Both are ready for him to share messages with you. Of course, we love our Christmas t-shirts and the ever popular personalised Santa Sacks too!
  • Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts – these special days happen only once per year, so we’ve made the most of it with these awesome customised clothing, especially t-shirts and hoodies for Mum and Dad.
  • Branded clothing and business accessories – we get our business customers noticed, and you will be too when using our branded business products.

Big or small, once or on a regular basis, we’d love to provide you with unique gifts and printed clothing. Contact us today and let’s get started!