Creation Station NZ is a family business based in Kawerau New Zealand. We specialise in custom printed clothing and personalised gifts. Our items are designed and printed by us to ensure top quality. Whether you are after one or one thousand, we can help!

Angela and Justin are the faces behind the screens. Angela currently does the business administration work including the website, accounts, social media marketing and Trade Me. Justin does most of the messaging, design and production of orders.

Life is busy with a business and three young children but we also wouldn’t have it any other way!


The business is run around our family. All three of our children are under 7! Yes its a busy household but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Justin (aka husband) is originally from Florida, USA. He spent a few years in New Zealand as a child. He has a wicked sense of humour (see our men’s section!) and brings a masculine touch to his designs.

Angela (aka wife) grew up in Tauranga. She lived in the same house until she got married and then four houses in four years after that! She is the drawer, the painter, the visionary. So many ideas. So little time!

Our oldest child is a beautiful independent girl. She has blossomed in confidence in the last year! Her obsession is horses and riding. She is learning about money by selling stainless steel pegs through our business. 

Our middle daughter started school this year. She is super excited to learn to read and write. Lets just say she is an excellent student! 

Our son is just growing tall and is now super fast! He loves dressing up, riding pretend motorbikes and running with his pet dinosaurs!

All three children are growing so fast and Justin and Angela are grateful they get to snatch moments with each one throughout the day!