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  • “I love it when….”


    This has to be one of my favourite prints of all time! The absolute best thing about this design is its completely personalised to you! Its been designed to be read two way – the first as I love my Grandad in the big text and the second as all the text together!

    Please enter what text you’d like after “I love it when…” . We recommend double checking your request as we can’t not replace for misspellings.

    Choose the size and colour onesie or tee from the drop downs (scroll down for charts).

  • Battery Tee for Her


    Because why should the mums miss out? This tee can be done as either low battery (red cell) OR flat battery (orange cell with black strike through)!

    This tee set is super popular for you because we make to order, we can include names or titles (like mummy/daughter). Get your partner something she will wear again and again!

    Matching kids and mens tee available.

  • Far apart cushion cover


    Our cushion covers are handmade in New Zealand with love and then printed with the design of your choice!

    Design colour one is for the names (both top and bottom).

    These cushion covers are printed to order so please enter your request in the text field. This field needs to have a “title” ie Nana, Grandma, Mum for the top and any names you’d like at the bottom at a minimum. Note: we can’t take any responsibility for any misspellings in this field. Do double check!


    Cushion cover size: 45cm x 45cm

    Cushion cover colour: white


    Cushion insert NOT included (can be purchased separately).

  • Incredible Thing Set – childrens tee


    NEED a mummy and me matching set? This cute but totally true set is perfect no matter how many incredible things you’ve made!

    Yes we can add (Incredible Thing) One, Two (or more). Just make a note in the personalisation box.

  • Incredible Thing Set mum tee


    This one has to be my new favourite set! Mums are incredible and what their body goes through to create another baby is AMAZING! Heres a set to cFirst design colour is for the small words

    Second design colour is for the word “Incredible” – both selections can be the same.

  • Me Shirt for Her


    My oldest daughter looks exactly like me as a child! Celebrate similarities and differences with our Me and Mini Me tees (or just have some fun!).

    YES we can do sparkly prints!
    Choose your tee or hoodie size (chart below), colour and print colour from the options below.

  • Mini Me for children


    Matching kids tee for our Me and Mini Me set. Some kids look EXACTLY like mini versions of their parents. Celebrate the likeness (or differences) with this cute matching mum (or daddy) and me set.

    Use the tee colours and sizes (see size chart below) plus choose a print colour. Maybe a sparkly glitter print will make it even more eye catching!

  • Mum of Boys definition tee


    Something special for the boy mums. How are girls and boys different? Our Mum of Boys definition tee explains it exactly – less drama than girls but harder to keep alive!

    From the flying tackles across the room to the daring stunts, boys sure keep us on our toes! Another print to wear with pride.

  • Black tee with white mum of boys print

    Mum of Boys tee


    Mum of Boys. When we printed this tee, I didn’t really know what it was like to be a boy mum. Until he was about 18 months, I didn’t notice much difference between my son and daughters but now I get it. Mum’s of Boys are awesome! They’re super special! They get a LOT of extra love and sticky kisses, told “I’m never leaving you” and get toy cars stuck in their hair……

    This tee is a badge of honor. Wear it with pride mumma – you’ve earned it!

  • Mummy Tee


    This shirt is great whether its for a wife to be or a new mumma! It could also be a fun way to announce a new Aunty or Grandma/Nana! A classic print and looks great on everyone!

    Please choose your tee colour and size (see chart below) along with your print colour. Enter the text including established date you’d like and we’ll print your tee to order.

  • Periodic Table for Her


    Chocolate cookies is definitely my scientific answer!

    But you can choose wine, chocolate, coffee, cookies, beer or nachoes! Or maybe chocolate and then wine!

    Since this item is custom printed to order, please select your print colours from the drop down boxes below…
    Colour 1 – Currently Black