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  • Battery tshirt in child sizes. Matching adult tee available.

    Battery Tee for children


    Matching tee sets make the perfect Fathers Day or Christmas present. These have been super popular as who doesn’t know a kid with a “full battery”!

    Our battery tshirts or bodysuits are printed to order in your choice of size and colour – see sizing options below. And since we print to order, YES we can personalise! Please note personalisation will be printed just above the battery outline and in the same colour. If you’ve got more than one child, we’d suggest not printing names then they can be handed down as the children grow!

    The matching mens tee can be found and ordered from here 

  • Battery Tee for Her


    Because why should the mums miss out? This tee can be done as either low battery (red cell) OR flat battery (orange cell with black strike through)!

    This tee set is super popular for you because we make to order, we can include names or titles (like mummy/daughter). Get your partner something she will wear again and again!

    Matching kids and mens tee available.

  • Battery Tee for Him


    Do you often feel like you’ve run out of power while your child is the energiser bunny? It’s often the case in our house too!

    This tee set is super popular, and because we make to order, we can include names or titles (like daddy/daughter). Get your partner and kids something they will never forget!

    Choose size and colour from the menus and then select a battery outline colour. Since we print to order we can personalise! Any personalisation will be done in the same colour as the battery outline (see mock ups).

    Matching kids tees purchased separately here.


  • Controller Tee for Her


    How cool would a matching family gaming set be? Are you a gamer too? Don’t miss out! Get one for yourself as well!

    Choose from our range of tee colours and sizes (size chart below) and then select a print colour and controller style.


  • Dad established – matching kids tee


    The daddy/grandad/koro tees are worn with pride around the world! Now you can get a a matching tee in child sizes. Family sets make CUTE photos!

    Choose your tee size (see size chart below), colour and print colour from the swatches.

  • Daddy Established Shirt


    This classic men’s shirt is printed to order with your choice of dad, daddy, uncle, grandad, poppa or koro with a swoosh (tail) and the established year. (Matching ladies and kids tees too)

    The classic simple design and looks good on everyone – simple yet stylish!

    Choose your tee size (see size chart below), colour and print colour then enter your text and established date.

  • Don’t get your Tinsel in a Tangle ladies tee


    Christmas is a celebration for so remind yourself to not sweat the small stuff with our Don’t get your Tinsel in a Tangle tee!

    Want it a little bit more special? Our standard print colours now include our GLITTER range! See size chart below, choose a tee colour and then select print colour from our huge range.

  • Game Controller Tee for children


    Child size gaming controller tee to complete the set! OR use as a cute baby announcement! The options here are endless!

    Choose your tee size (see sizing chart below), colour and print colour from the options then choose the controller and enter any custom text. We print to order.

  • Game Controller Tee for Him


    The perfect set for a gamer dad! Who said he had to give up nitendo or playstation gaming when the baby arrived?! He’ll now has someone to play against (in a few years!). Matching children’s tees and baby bodysuits available.

    Perfect birthday, Christmas or Fathers Day present for a gaming dad. Check out our other Gaming Dad designs.

    Simply choose your tee colour and size (size chart below) and print colour.

  • I Created a Monster tee (mens)


    Are you creating a monster? We definitely did!! Our kids are mostly pretty good but when they decide to act up…

    Matching kids tees available.

    Choose your size (see size chart below), colour and print colour.

  • Incredible Thing Set – childrens tee


    NEED a mummy and me matching set? This cute but totally true set is perfect no matter how many incredible things you’ve made!

    Yes we can add (Incredible Thing) One, Two (or more). Just make a note in the personalisation box.

  • Incredible Thing Set mum tee


    This one has to be my new favourite set! Mums are incredible and what their body goes through to create another baby is AMAZING! Heres a set to cFirst design colour is for the small words

    Second design colour is for the word “Incredible” – both selections can be the same.

  • Kid’s Christmas Ugly Sweater tee


    This classic line “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” has been turned into a classic ugly sweater tshirt design because its simply too hot for sweaters at Christmas in New Zealand.

    Simply chose your favourite colour, size and print colour and we’ll print to order. How awesome would this be for a cool family Christmas photo!

  • Kids size Monster tee


    Our kids are a reflection of us and often they are not perfect. Poke fun at them (and yourself) by getting this tee set.

    Can be purchased individually or make it a set with a matching men’s tee.

    Choose your tee size (see size chart below), colour and print colour from the below options.

  • Me Shirt for Her


    My oldest daughter looks exactly like me as a child! Celebrate similarities and differences with our Me and Mini Me tees (or just have some fun!).

    YES we can do sparkly prints!
    Choose your tee or hoodie size (chart below), colour and print colour from the options below.

  • Me Shirt for Him


    Do you have a Child who is your Mini?

    Our Mini and Me set is perfect for being matchy matchy. This design is available in mens, ladies and children’s sizes. This one is the men’s listing so please see below for the link to the ladies and childrens listings.

    Choose your tee or hoodie size (chart below), colour and print colour below.