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  • A B Seek Colours


    A B Seek was created by a NZ mum as a fun book for her daughter. Each page is a new colour (with the Te Reo word as well) then a huge list of items to find – see the gallery photo for examples.

    Its a beautiful hard cover book with paper pages. Perfect for around age 2-6. Happy finding!

  • Kowhai and the Giants


    Kowhai and the Giants is a NZ picture book by new author Kate Parker. It follows Kowhai as she sees the decimation of the forest in Aotearoa New Zealand as the land is settled and the hope that one day, a might forest can be achieved – one small seedling at a time. A story of hope and resilience.

    As a visual artist, the images are stunning – each created with layers of paper then photographed to form the images in the book.

  • Kuwi’s First Egg Board Book


    Kuwi is a first time mum. She’s not quite sure how to take care of an egg so takes it on a bit of an adventure!
    A delightful story that mum won’t get sick of reading – seriously the illustrations are GORGEOUS with lots of little details to discover.

    These board books are the perfect size for little hands to hold with nice thick pages.

  • Kuwi’s Rowdy Crowd


    One of those books that ALL parents can relate too. All Kuwi wants is a cup of tea in peace but… Huwi, her son, starts off with a CRASH, clunk, clash and BUMP!

    This story is entertaining for both kids and adults with many entertaining and delightful additions to the pictures to spot.


    Kuwi’s Rowdy Crowd

    Written and Illustrated by Kat Merewether.

  • Kuwi’s Very Shiny Bum board book


    Kuwi and her chick are snuggled up with a bedtime story. Its a Christmas tale of a shiny ball that dropped from the sky and making presents for all her friends.
    The illustrations in this story are bright, fun and engaging. Each page is beautiful.

    These board books are the perfect size for little hands to hold with nice thick pages.

  • Peka and Koro book


    Peka and Koro is a story rich in Te Reo, celebrating family and traditions. It tells the story of Peka, a short tailed bat, who flies too far from her family. On her way home with Koro, she meets lots of other forest creatures.

    This story has a glossary and facts about all the book characters – a perfect extension to the story depending the age of the children listening.


    Peka and Koro carries the New Zealand Made logo – it is written, illustrated and printed in Otautahi (Christchurch), New Zealand

  • The Chill Out Chair book


    Looking for a book with a Kiwi feel? The Chill Out Chair is the second in the Nicholas series. In this story we journey with Nicholas as he goes from angry to calm. This story contains Te Reo and NZ Sign Language.


    Look out for other other books in the Nicholas series – The Goodbye Chair and The Sava Chair

  • The Goodbye Chair book


    Looking for a book with a Kiwi feel? The Goodbye Chair is set in Auckland (spot the Sky Tower on one of the beautifully illustrated pages) plus it has Te Reo and NZ Sign Language.

    This Nicholas Story starts with Nannie feeling sad that its time to go home. Nicholas comes up with a plan to make Nannie happy again.


    Look out for other other books in the Nicholas series – The Chill Out Chair and The Sava Chair

  • Tu Meke Tuatara (Hard Cover Board Book)


    Tu Meke Tuatara is a classic Kiwi tale.

    Tahi Tuatara is feeling ever so glum and bored. Roger Ruru is trying to cheer him up but nothing is working. Then they hear a cry for help. The two friends race off to help and Tahi discovers helping others helps him feel better. This book has themes of friendship, helping others and empathy.

    The illustrations are by Flox (a reknown Kiwi artist) who uses vibrant colours and realistic imagery. The characters are life-like and could step off the page! An added bonus is a “finding section” of 32 NZ critters and plants that are hidden in the pages of the story!


    See Tu Meke Tui for a similar story.

    This hardcover, board book is made to be treasured and will entertain from a young age.


    Size: 24cm x 24cm

    Pages: 22


    (Bodysuit available from our Birthday section)