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  • NZ tee for school graduation


    Create a cool keepsake for your family with a Graduation tee! Each year add your child’s handprint (acrylic paint is fine as this tee is designed to be worn for a photo then removed – no washing!). Grab one for each child and personalise with their name (name removed for privacy).

    Simply enter the year of Graduation OR tell us what year you want as the year 0 or year 1 and we’ll take care of the rest. Want to start at a different year, YES we can. Simply add the details to the notes box.

    We recommend a mens size large tee which gives ample space for adding handprints and should allow the tee to be worn every year for a photo as the child grows. A white tee will work OR you could do a coloured tee and add white handprints every year.