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First a bit about me, Angela. I knew when I had kids I wanted to work from home. So back in 2013, my husband found a kids painting party business on Trade Me and we grabbed it. I did a GrabOne deal and very quickly had two bookings (one in March and one in November). The first booking I had major morning sickness and the second booking I had a newborn! Over that 9 months, I’d dabbled in markets, after school and holiday programmes but realised very quickly that it wouldn’t be possible around a baby let alone a toddler! 

My mother in law sent me a plotter cutter from America and I started doing vinyl decals and quickly found a gap in the market to fill. On a trip to America when our baby was 8 months old, I got some heat transfer vinyl, and I branched out into clothing as well. Two of the first items I was made were a “Big Sister in training” t-shirt and a “Dad” shirt for Justin. Here are a few pictures of some of my first attempts.

When I was heavily pregnant with our second child, Justin (my husband) started helping me with my business as there was more demand than I could do on my own. He had previously worked for a family friend doing signwriting for two years and he has always been my go-to for questions about vinyl and application. His first job was pressing in the evenings when he got home from his day job and very quickly he moved into helping me with design work too.

Two years ago we took a leap of faith (well some called us crazy!). We sold our home in Tauranga and moved to Kawerau to give our business a go full time. Its definitely been a roller coaster journey as we found out we were expecting our third child while moving! 

So now – Justin is in charge of design and production. 99% of our items are designed in house and printed on our range of equipment which is how we achieve such a high level of personalisation on products. And I’m (Angela) in charge of everything else. So I do the packaging and sending of orders, the accounts, the website listing, the photography and all the social media marketing and networking… the list goes on!

Our product range is constantly changing and evolving. We mostly do highly personalised clothing, mugs, decals, and magnetic whiteboard planners with the odd completely custom unusual order thrown in. We’re more than happy to create something unique and special for your situation. Just send us an email and we’ll give you a quote asap.

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