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How do we achieve complete personalisation on items?

The answer to this question is really simple! Each item is custom designed by us so we can change most colours, text and fonts. We then use our range of equipment to individually print each item.

Our standard turn around time of 10 working days allows time for us to group orders together, by type, for printing – efficiency is key to getting all orders out on time! Justin is our production manager. One day he’ll do all the mugs using the sublimation printer and press. The next day it might be vinyl decals and heat transfer vinyl followed by a morning of pressing the heat transfer vinyl prints then an afternoon of digital printing (while the heat press is on).

What printers and equipment do we have?

1. A sublimation printer and presses

The sublimation printer prints dye onto paper which is then transferred to items using heat in a press. This process makes all items dishwasher safe – there is literally no way to remove or fix a print once its done!

We started off with the sublimation “oven” but found we couldn’t get consistent prints so we recently purchased a specific mug press.

Sublimation mugs are a top selling product and have their own section on our website. Both presses have a variety of other options we can do including plates, keyrings, coasters, drink bottles and more.

TOP TIP: Always submit the best quality photos or images for printing 

2. Jaguar vinyl plotter/cutter

Our Jaguar vinyl plotter/cutter used for cutting standard vinyl (left) and heat transfer vinyl (right).

We use this to cut all our vinyl decals and heat transfer vinyl products. Justin uses a design programme on his computer to create the file, he then transfers it to a cut programme and grouped by vinyl type and vinyl colour.

We only use premium quality vinyl as we believe in quality products. Our colours options for vinyl are limited by the rolls of vinyl we can purchase. Each type of vinyl and each colour is loaded and cut separately.

Standard vinyl decals can be made from wall art through to marine grade vinyl. With Justin’s experience in sign writing, he’ll choose the best type for your project and we can match almost any colour!

Heat transfer vinyl has fewer colour options but it has our range of glitters! If you’re looking for a specific shade, our direct to garment printer can help!

3. Direct to garment (DTG) printer

Our DTG printer is now sold

This printer does full colour digital prints using waterbased ink on any cotton item! Think photos, artwork and more! We’ve printed items from tshirts to tea towels, cotton tote bags to pillowcases and cushion covers. Our print area can be anything from a newborn onesie to a 400x900mm run of fabric.

This printer is why we have a custom designer section on our website where you can design your own tshirt, cushion cover, pillow case and more!

NOTE: this printer prints in CYMK so colours may vary if your image was designed using RGB colours. 

4. Heat press

A good heat press is essential! A quality print needs even heat and pressure.

Our heat transfer vinyl prints are applied using our heat press. The first step is lining the design up so when it is pressed, it will be applied straight and square! Every colour is applied and pressed individually to build up the design layer by layer.

The waterbased ink used in our direct to garment printer needs 2 minutes in the heat press to set.

Printing hats requires a specific hat press with plates that mirror the curve of the hat. We’ve got a second heat press specifically for hats.

This ones the first in a series of blogs about Our Equipment. Make sure you’ve subscribed or go here to see more!

We’re here to help whether its a small personal project for a big run. If you’ve got a specific goal or project in mind, send us a message and we’ll help you achieve it!

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  3. Hi Julianne, yes we’re having some website issues currently. Our web developer and hosting company are looking into it. Hoping we can get it fixed soon! We’re still open for orders.

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