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  • “Don’t Hurry Be Happy” Sloth design


    Sloths. Don’t hurry is pretty much their motto! Need it? Make your selections of size, colour and print colour below.

    Personalisation available – just send us a message.

  • “Hanging there” Sloth design


    Sloths. They look so cute and cuddly! Hang in this super cute hoodie (or tee) by making your selections of size, colour and print colour below.

    Personalisation available – just send us a message.

  • “I *crochet* because punching people is frowned upon” custom printed tee


    Our tees are custom printed to order so your wish is our command for the text! The standard text on this tee is “I *crochet* because punching people is frowned upon” BUT we can change the wording!

    If you would like to change *crochet* to another word, please type it in the box provided. We will make sure the text is spaced evenly across the tshirt so a small word like “bake” or longer words like “snowboard” will fit the design.

    This design is printed using heat transfer vinyl so our glitter colours are available.

  • Battery Tee for Her


    Because why should the mums miss out? This tee can be done as either low battery (red cell) OR flat battery (orange cell with black strike through)!

    This tee set is super popular for you because we make to order, we can include names or titles (like mummy/daughter). Get your partner something she will wear again and again!

    Matching kids and mens tee available.

  • Blank Womens Tees


    Love our tees and need enough to fill your wardrobe? Or want to try out the tee or hoodies for size and colour before purchasing in bulk? Grab a tee (or three) and a hoodie from our ladies range here.

    Note we do a clothing order 1-2 times a week so standard turn around time of 10 working days applies. Let us know if you need your tees sooner.

  • Camping in it for the Marshmallows and Sausages – ladies


    What fun family memories are made camping over summer. Sort the family “wear” Christmas present with a set of Camping tees because nothing beats sausages and marshmellows over an open fire!

    This ones womens sizes – childrens and mens available.

  • Controller Tee for Her


    How cool would a matching family gaming set be? Are you a gamer too? Don’t miss out! Get one for yourself as well!

    Choose from our range of tee colours and sizes (size chart below) and then select a print colour and controller style.


  • Don’t get your Tinsel in a Tangle ladies tee


    Christmas is a celebration for so remind yourself to not sweat the small stuff with our Don’t get your Tinsel in a Tangle tee!

    Want it a little bit more special? Our standard print colours now include our GLITTER range! See size chart below, choose a tee colour and then select print colour from our huge range.

  • Incredible Thing Set mum tee


    This one has to be my new favourite set! Mums are incredible and what their body goes through to create another baby is AMAZING! Heres a set to cFirst design colour is for the small words

    Second design colour is for the word “Incredible” – both selections can be the same.

  • Ladies clothing with custom text


    Need a tee or hoodie with text but can’t figure out our custom designer? Heres the EASY option! We want to make your order perfect for you so please make sure you select all the fields!

    First we need to know what item you want (tees or hoodies) with the size and colour. See the colour charts below. Then let us know if you want the print on the front or back (BOTH is an option but this will need to be selected further down)

    Then its onto the print details! Choose from our huge range of heat transfer vinyl colour options! Select a font and enter your text – please double check for typing errors!

    Please remember when ordering custom clothing, the more detail the better to get the item of your dreams!

  • Ladies unicorn birthday tee!


    Celebrating a milestone birthday? Need a special tee to mark the occasion? I say why not!?!

    Choose your tee size and colour from the drop downs (size chart below) and then select print colours for the number and then the unicorn. Use the text box to tell us what number you’d like AND any extra details you’d like.

  • Stainless steel pegs

    Lucy’s Stainless Steel Pegs


    Switching to stainless steel pegs is one small but fast and easy change to make – we’ve started to replace our plastic pegs with stainless steel pegs as they break.

    Our eldest daughter Lucy (7) was the inspiration behind selling these pegs. She’s got an entrepreneurial spirit (where does she get that from I wonder?). Each pack of pegs has been counted, put into hand-stamped bags and sent out with love from Lucy. As a talented and passionate girl, who is horse mad, pegs sales help fund her riding lessons!

    Choose from either 20 or 50 pegs. These pegs are 61mm long and 12mm wide. Grade 304 stainless steel.

  • Me Shirt for Her


    My oldest daughter looks exactly like me as a child! Celebrate similarities and differences with our Me and Mini Me tees (or just have some fun!).

    YES we can do sparkly prints!
    Choose your tee or hoodie size (chart below), colour and print colour from the options below.

  • Mummy Tee


    This shirt is great whether its for a wife to be or a new mumma! It could also be a fun way to announce a new Aunty or Grandma/Nana! A classic print and looks great on everyone!

    Please choose your tee colour and size (see chart below) along with your print colour. Enter the text including established date you’d like and we’ll print your tee to order.

  • Periodic Table for Her


    Chocolate cookies is definitely my scientific answer!

    But you can choose wine, chocolate, coffee, cookies, beer or nachoes! Or maybe chocolate and then wine!

    Since this item is custom printed to order, please select your print colours from the drop down boxes below…
    Colour 1 – Currently Black

  • Rather be riding ladies tee


    If you could, would you ride every day? For how long? My daughters sure would! This tee is a perfect gift or keepsake.