Emergency Stash decal


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Emergency Stash treat boxes are a hit with people of ALL ages and they are perfect gift for those who are difficult to buy for. This plastic storage container is reusable so it will find another use when empty! Or, for an extra cool gift, you might like to include a free refill voucher!

The listing price is for the decal only. The decal measurements are approximately 8cm tall x 15cm long and can be applied to plastic, glass, wood and more.

The box can be included for an extra cost. Unfortunately I can’t supply any food items with it as I don’t have a food handling certificate. The box measures approximately 20cm x 31cm x 4.5cm tall. The dividers are removeable for easy cleaning and they can be repositioned to fit all your stash needs! If you would like a box, we will apply the decal for you and ensure extra padding for shipping safely.

Filling ideas can include:

  • Candy – get small pick and mix bags or go to a dairy
  • nuts, pretzels, seeds, dried fruit or snack balls
  • home baking
  • screws, nails, nuts, bolts etc of various sizes,
  • fish hooks, sinkers, line and other items useful when fishing
  • craft items (pipe cleaners, eyes, stickers, pom poms etc
  • small sewing kit


Note: The stash photo shows approximately $15 of candy (not included).

  • *Who is the decal for?

    *Would you like the stash box too?


This item will be printed to order. Please note colours may vary from screen to real life. See our Frequently Asked Questions page and Terms and Conditions 

All decal orders are sent inside a home compostable courier bag. Please remove all labels and adhesive before composting – I recommend cutting them off. We do realise not everyone has a compost bin however we believe even one bag being composted makes a difference.  

Decal Application Instructions

  1. Choose a smooth surface to apply to. Our decals can go on ceramic, glass, plastic or even wood.
  2. Then clean the surface with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol), window cleaner or similar. Whatever you use needs to remove all oil/grease and dirt from the surface. Cleaning the surface well is super important as a dirty surface can shorten the life of the vinyl causing it to lift/peel.
  3. Your decal will arrive with three layers. The top layer is called application tape, the second layer is the actual vinyl decal and the third layer is the backing paper. There are two ways to apply:
    • Remove the backing paper from the decal and apply smoothly to the item (works well for small decals). Use a credit card or similar to push it down smoothly to make sure it adheres well. Then carefully remove the tape.
    • For a larger decal, place the decal on the object and line it up where you want to apply it. Use masking tape to secure one side and the middle of the decal. Peel the tape and vinyl back to the centre and cut the backing paper off. Carefully smooth the decal down starting in the center and working outwards. Use a credit card (or similar) to push the vinyl down to adhere firmly. Then remove the masking tape and apply the other side of the decal. Carefully remove the tape once its adhered.
  4. We recommend leaving your vinyl decal to “cure” for up to 48 hours before washing. This allows the adhesive time to work and will lengthen the life of the vinyl. We recommend either wiping clean with a damp cloth or hand washing in warm soap water only. Do not soak. Not dishwasher safe.


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