Gluten Free pantry labels

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We made a set of Gluten Free labels with a very similar font to the Kmart pantry labels for a lady and printed a couple of extra sets.

Pen for size and not included! Each label is 5cm x 15cm of clear vinyl with a black letter print in the centre (ink print NOT vinyl!).

This set includes:
2x GF labels
GF Muesli
GF Cereal
GF Pasta
GF Flours
GF Spreads
GF Marshmellows
GF Biscuits
GF Snacks
GF Corn Thins

We have three sets in stock and ready to send. Once the printed sets sell out, the listing will switch to back orders. Our standard 10 working day turn around time will apply for any backorders.

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All orders are sent inside a home compostable courier bag. Please remove all labels and adhesive before composting – I recommend cutting them off. We do realise not everyone has a compost bin however we believe even one bag being composted makes a difference.  


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