Iron on names for fabric items


Iron on names are super useful whether they’re for school uniforms, sports or rest homes. Naming clothing is essential. These easy to apply iron ons come in a handy pack with 3 larger names and 5 smaller ones.

Please scroll down to see application instructions. We would strongly recommend using black or white (and not glitters). There is a maximum of 10 characters.



Iron on vinyl application instructions

Heat transfer vinyl relies on heat to activate the adhensive and pressure to weld it to the material.

1. Heat the iron to approximately 180 degrees. Place garment on a hard, flat surface. Separate the transfer you want to apply from the rest (if applicable)

2. Place the transfer on the garment where you wish to apply it. The shiny side should face up so the name is the correct way around (all our heat transfer vinyl is cut in reverse so it the right way around when applied).

3. Use a thin tea towel or teflon sheet to cover the transfer then press the iron firmly overtop. Hold the iron in place for 10 seconds.

4. Remove the protective layer and carefully peel the plastic off the transfer. If it does not come away easily, replace the protective layer and push down hard for another 5 seconds before trying again.

5. Once the plastic sheet is off, replace the protective sheet and press down firmly for 10 more seconds. When applied correctly, the heat transfer vinyl should appear to be welded to the fabric.

Care instructions

To prolong life, we suggest using a cold machine wash and line drying.

NEVER use fabric softener on heat transfer vinyl garments.



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